Paperback: 60 pages.


Writers: James Robinson, Bruce Timm and Stan Lee, Brian Michael Bendis, Tom Defalco, Len Wein.


Artist: Chris Samnee, Bruce Timm, Michael Gaydos, Stan Goldberg, Paul Gulacy, Maris Wicks, Mike Deodato & Frank Martin, Alan Davis, Mark Farmer & Rachelle Rosenberg. Bill Sienkiewicz, Kevin Maguire & Marte Garcia. Joe Quinones, Francesco Francavilla, Sara Pichelli & Jason Keith. Inker: Raul Fernadez.  

Cover Artist: Paolo Rivera.

Publication Date: December, 2014.

Material: Couché paper.

Size: 6,3 x 10,24 inches (16x26 cm).

UPC: 75960608097001111

Marvel: 75th Anniversary Celebration.

SKU: 0001
  • Edition of Mike Deodato Jr's personal collection.
    This and other editions will be signed with or without dedication, in case you want Mike Deodato Jr to autograph your copy.

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